Big Ben Time Server the best way to Synchronize Your Network Time
Breaking News.Big Ben Time Server released 9th May 2017. Due to rising maintenance costs, Big Ben may go digital within the next decade ! Let Big Ben pick your Lottery Numbers ! Big Ben and the Great Clock are hard at work every single day.They’ve marked time throughout the reigns of 6 monarchs, the tenure of 25 prime ministers and the visits of countless tourists who show up at Westminster just to admire Augustus Pugin’s fantastic decorations and to hear Big Ben chime the hour.

Big Ben Internet Radio Player & DVD/CD Multimedia Player, 30 Day Free Trial - £20 to register using Paypal button, then email for username and password

Step 1 - Download Big Ben Internet Radio

Step 2 for Playing DVDs. Combined Community Codec Pack solves no sound issues on DVDS

Big Ben Time Server 30 Day Free Trial- £20 to register using Paypal button, then email for username and password

Step 1 Download the K-Tron GPS Active X control and run SetupStep 2 Download the 30 day trial Step 3 Install VLC Media Player


Big Ben Time Server aka BIGBENGPSTIME released 11th November 2015. The low cost alternative to commercial GPS Timesync systems costing thousands of Dollars, and just as reliable. Designed for international use. We have enquires from major international companies, throughout the UK, USA and China. Only £20 for the software whatever the use, commercial or non-commercial. Petronas who own the Humbly Grove Energy site in Hampshire UK, use BIGBENGPSTIME to provide a reliable precision time reference to the Gas Plant SCADA & PLC control system.... Note: To set your PC time, later versions of Windows require an Administrator Account.This can easily be setup in Windows Control Panel User Accounts.

Time Signal Test Equipment

To prove how accurate the Big Ben Time Server really is..

We purchased a Galleon Systems MSF time receiver.
The results were very pleasing. Precise timing, and the computer stays on time.